Prague, 6-7.03.2009

It was a short weekend in Prague when I visited the international insect exchange fair with my friend János Romsauer. We spent the Friday evening with German and Austrian colleagues together in Svatopluk Bílý's home. As usual Svát'a cooked a delicious dinner so we had a right royal time. We admired Svat'a's famous Anthaxia collection and talked about his Australian expedition. Saturday we went to the fair and met other coleopterist friends. After having supper and mugs of beer in an authentic "hospoda" we set off home.

Peter Cate, Wolfgang Barries, Svatopluk Bílý

Martin Baehr, János Romsauer, Hans Mühle, Manfred Niehuis, Stephan Gottwald

Wolfgang Barries, Stephan Gottwald, Svatopluk Bílý

Jancsi in Svát'a's workroom

The collection

A box with red labelled specimens

View from our accomodation

Full house in the fair

Jan, David, Nikola Rahmé and Győző Szél

Roman, David and Jan.

Jan, David and Martin.

Martin & Beccy Rejzek

Győző Szél and Imre Retezár

Robin Kundrata

Robin Kundrata hard at work

Roman Borovec

Josef Mertlik

A new book by Ivo Jeniš

The last hour in Prague

Na shledanou, Praha!